Kimmie- Dog up for Adoption

Kimmie, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

Kimmie was rescued from death row, and is the sweetest dog you'll meet. She's a Jack Russel Terrier mix, found as a stray, but very intelligent and affectionate. Unfortunately, she's not too good with other dogs. If this isn't a concern to you, please adopt Kimmie and she will love you back.

Dog Treat Dogs by Jessica Star

Introducing custom hand painted dog treat jars. Give us a picture of your dog (weather it be one we took or not) and we can hand paint it on this beautiful glass cookie jar. Comes complete with homemade beef flavor organic dog treats. Makes a great gift for the holidays. To order please send us an e-mail with a picture attached.



yorkie, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

I forgot her name! I'm sorry, it happens too often. Contact me if you're the owner so I can post it! See this week's dogs here.