Kimmie- Dog up for Adoption

Kimmie, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

Kimmie was rescued from death row, and is the sweetest dog you'll meet. She's a Jack Russel Terrier mix, found as a stray, but very intelligent and affectionate. Unfortunately, she's not too good with other dogs. If this isn't a concern to you, please adopt Kimmie and she will love you back.

Dog Treat Dogs by Jessica Star

Introducing custom hand painted dog treat jars. Give us a picture of your dog (weather it be one we took or not) and we can hand paint it on this beautiful glass cookie jar. Comes complete with homemade beef flavor organic dog treats. Makes a great gift for the holidays. To order please send us an e-mail with a picture attached.



yorkie, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

I forgot her name! I'm sorry, it happens too often. Contact me if you're the owner so I can post it! See this week's dogs here.


Pugs, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

These Pugs were strolling around 5th ave and 59th street. See this weeks photos here.


IMG_9832, originally uploaded by Shooting Stars Pro.

but cute

We will be there

We will be at this years Tompkins Halloween Dog Parade (This Saturday at 11am, in Tompkins Square Park). We are taking photo and video and we're looking for some people who want to talk about their specific costumes (what gave you the idea, how it was made, why it suits your dog, etc.)

If you are interested in making sure you get you dog's photo taken, or you want to be part of the video, please send us an e-mail, so we can coordinate. We will be selling edited DVD's on the website for $15, for any one interested in a copy. DVD's should be available by Wednesday the 29th.

Contact e-mail littlejessstar{at}

UPDATE: since the parade was rescheduled to Sunday due to rain, we won't be able to make it. However we did get some good pics of the dogs who didn't know and showed up in their costumes anyway! No video yet though!

Pretty Girl

You will have to forgive me, I forgot almost all of the dog's names from Tues, Oct 14th. If you are the owner, and know the names, please leave them as comments on the photos in flickr.
Visit this week's collection here.

Draw Dogs Contest!

Draw a dog..any way, shape, or form..It can be your dog, it can be Lassie, it can be your friends dog, it can even be a dog you made up. It doesn't have to be good either just show us your creativity! ...submit it to "littlejessstar [at]" (changed the @ for spammer reasons) with the subject "draw dogs"...the winning dog drawing will receive a free doggy photo shoot! A winner will be decided by Nov 1st!


Weezie (aka the Weasel)
Thanks! The waiting for a treat picture is gonna have to be a new series.

Union Square 10-12-08

Here is a collections of some of the best photos of the day. Email me if you are interested in prints please, I'm in the process of setting up the online store. Pet Photography

Professional Pet Photography. Contact us to schedule a session with your Dog in any of the parks in Manhattan.


libby_pitmix, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Pit Bull Mix @ Astor Place


Jack_peke yorkiemix, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Pekingese Yorkie mix from Greece. Greece is the best.

Shih tzu

Shi tzu, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Forgot his name. If you are the owner and looking for this pic, leave the name in the comments please


Agnes_yorkie, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

18th st bet 1st and 2nd ave


gizmodogu, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Gizzard at the dogrun waiting to be let go! They were late closing the gates.

Cuteness Jackpot

pitpups, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

American Put Bull Pups outside of Petco in Union Sq


Bear, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Pomeranian in Central Park around 4pm

Brit and Zeeke

IMG_1267, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Pit Mix and Razorback Mix in Central Park around 4pm


Teddy, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

What I believe to be a German Shepherd in Central Park this morning.


Cricket, originally uploaded by W.K.Star.

Yorkie in Central Park this morning