We will be there

We will be at this years Tompkins Halloween Dog Parade (This Saturday at 11am, in Tompkins Square Park). We are taking photo and video and we're looking for some people who want to talk about their specific costumes (what gave you the idea, how it was made, why it suits your dog, etc.)

If you are interested in making sure you get you dog's photo taken, or you want to be part of the video, please send us an e-mail, so we can coordinate. We will be selling edited DVD's on the website for $15, for any one interested in a copy. DVD's should be available by Wednesday the 29th.

Contact e-mail littlejessstar{at}yahoo.com

UPDATE: since the parade was rescheduled to Sunday due to rain, we won't be able to make it. However we did get some good pics of the dogs who didn't know and showed up in their costumes anyway! No video yet though!

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